Senior PC-friends, Nettetal, Germany

Not afraid of new technology!

Founded 1996, this is a group of 60 seniors aged 55 -91 including 18 women members.
Meetings are held every third Monday of the month. The group is known as


The idea of the 5 founding members was, to find other seniors with the same interests: The computer! regardless of education, rang, status,class or profession.

It was a success ! Important, at the meetings, the members are not afraid to discuss the problems, they have with computers. Most of the members now own computers with very different programmes. Windows 3.1, WfW 3.11, Windows XP,  Word, Excel, Corel and modems with Internet access via AOL, T-Online and diverse other programmes on the  market.

Now, the SPCFN has its own new computers. Members with more experience can now show less experienced members on this computer how to solve their problems !

The SPCFN will not be a school or a part of an University. Its message to old people:

"Come to us, here you are at the right place to find Computer-friends of your age!

Ulrich K. Schorsek

(To prevent SPAM you'll find the e-mail-adress only by typing "mail" into the box on "kontakte")

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